TAASS Hubs (uploaded 22/19)

Policy documents

Program Coordinator School Agreement
(uploaded 03/16)

TAASS Guidelines for members
(May 2015, uploaded 03/16)

TAASS Accreditation 2015–2019
(uploaded 03/16)

TAASS Accreditation Schedule
(uploaded 12/20)

Administrative files

SEAL logos
Uploaded 03/16. Note: This is a ZIP/compressed file. Double click to expand folder. The folder contains the following formats:

  • Illustrator format for printers and graphic designers
  • jpeg versions (200 dpi) for inclusion in MS Office applications and other office-type software
  • png versions for use on websites

Trademark registration
Uploaded 03/16. Confirmation letter from Houlihan2 about acceptance of Australian Trade Mark Application (15 February 2016)